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Robyn Kaye Scott

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Robyn Scott is a coach, speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, female empowerment leader, and a networking queen. Robyn helps manage a prospecting program for Divinely Driven Results. She is a Habit Finder Coach and has worked closely with the president, Paul Blanchard, at the Og Mandino Group. She is also a certified Master Your Emotions Coach through Inscape World. Robyn is commonly known in professional communities as the Queen of Connection and Princess of Play. She has been working hard for the past nine years to hone her skills as a mentor and coach.

Robyn strives to teach people to annihilate judgments, embrace their own stories, and empower themselves to rediscover who they truly are. She is an international speaker and also teaches how to present yourself on stage.

Her first book, Bringing People Together: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Face-to-Face Connecting, Collaborating, and Creating was released in August 2019 and was a bestseller in seven categories. She is also a national multi-number one bestselling co-author in the historic hit series The 13 Steps To Riches based on Napoleon Hill’s work in Think and Grow Rich.